Other People's Children: The Episodes

Welcome to Other People's Children: the award-winning series about the worst parent/teacher conferences ever! Our goal is to build a strong online audience so that we can produce a second season (with a twist) and get our TV pilot script for the show into the hands of producers. Help us by sharing the show with everyone you know! 

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In the pilot episode of Other People's Children, two moms confront a second-grade teacher about their distrust of the Common Core and their unwillingness to accept more homework for their gifted child.
A child psychiatrist defends his daughter's right to reveal the truth about mythological holiday creatures to her second-grade classmates.
Ms. Antler encounters a helicopter mom who requests that she go WAY beyond the call of duty for her son on his first day of school.
A social-climbing real-estate agent is concerned that her daughter is hanging out with the wrong crowd. She also hates it when teachers have babies during the school year. It is SO disruptive!
The busy parent of a ridiculously overextended child finally shows up for his parent/teacher conference...on the last day of school.
Determined to prove he's a feminist, a frustrated father brings anatomically correct cupcakes to school for his daughter's birthday. But hey...they're totally organic and completely gluten free!
Fundamentalist parents find a book about evolution in their daughter's backpack and come to set Ms. Antler straight. And get divorced.
What kind of parent cheats in a charity dodgeball game for sick kids? This guy. Because her kid always wins and his kid never does.
This couple can see no wrong in their bullying son. Until he turns on them.

After one hour of training, two elementary teachers receive government-issued firearms and are ready to take on any perp, no matter how much heat they bring. Or maybe not. Directed by Meghann Artes. 

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